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    3. | | 日本 語|
      자동차 전자류 ??: ???? >LCD >자동차 전자류
      ?? ??
      Product name LCD Tech Content Character size 8 characters quantities Number of dots Module size Active Size Graphic number Display mode Optics pattern Background color
      Car rearview mirror TN other 264.0*60.5*1.1 3410 positive transmissive
      vehicles audio display TN Digit 4 55*21.1*2.8 51*14.6 0379 positive transflective
      dashboard of motorcycle display HTN Digit 11 122*66*2.8 116*58 1168 positive transmissive
      dashboard of motorcycle display TN Digit 11 60*49*2.8 56*40 1167 positive transflective
      dashboard of car display TN graphics 39.9*25.5*2.0 37.5*21.5 04470 positive transmissive
      vehicles audio display TN other 142.0*45.0*2.8 139.0*37.0 04123 negative transmissive
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