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      Product name LCD Tech Content Character size 8 characters quantities Number of dots Module size Active Size Graphic number Display mode Optics pattern Background color
      greaser display TN Digit 6 140.0*46.0*2.85 134.0*35.0 JY99537 positive transmissive
      ammeter display TN Digit 12 88.0*34.00*2.8 84.0*26.0 JY05535 positive reflective
      ammeter display TN Digit 8 63.0*24.0*2.8 60.0*16.0 JY05422 positive transflective
      ammeter display TN Digit 12 86.0*54.0*2.8 82.0*45.4 JY05355 positive transflective
      water meter display TN Digit 7 61.0*24.5*2.8 58.0*19.0 JY04316 positive reflective
      gas meter display TN Digit 6 45.0*16.0*2.8 42.0*11.0 JY03264 positive reflective
      ammeter display STN Digit 12 65.0*28.5*2.8 60.0*18.5 JY01002 positive transflective Y/G
      electronic dictionary display STN Dot-matrix 72*24 50.6*21*2.8 46.6*14 JY01338 positive reflective yellow green
      greaser display STN Digit 12 146.0*92.0*2.85 143.0*84 JY03241 negative transmissive blue
      learning machine display FSTN Dot-matrix 128*64 38.3*33.0*2.0 33.8*22.2 JY03949 positive transflective
      electrical rice cooker display TN Digit 4 48.0*26.5*2.8 44.0*20.0 JY99563 positive transmissive orange sheet
      Instrument Display STN Digit 27 95.0*56.0*2.80 86.0*47.5 JY02378 positive transflective Y/G
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